Great Battles in Miniature

                       Battle of Borodino, Sept 7, 1812

Battle of Borodino.  Overhead view from behind the Russian line.  The Great Redoubt is lower center.  The French army can be seen massed against the Russian left flank.

Napoleon's invasion of Russia.  Russian Marshal Kutuzov has been given command of the retreating Russian armies and they have made a stand on hilly terrain above the town of Borodino about 72 miles west of Moscow.  Above is an overhead view from the east behind the Russian line.  The famed "Great Redoubt" is lower center.  The French army can be seen massed in the distance weighted against the Russian left flank.

The aerial view from behind the Russian line

 View from behind Russian line.  The army corps of Raevski and Docturov occupy the redoubt and adjacent terrain, left to right.  The cavalry corps of Sivers and Pahlen are in support.  The Russian guard is in reserve.

Northern sector of the battlefield viewed from the east.  The town of Borodino is in the center, Eugene's French/Bavarian corps in the distance.

Borodino battlefield viewed from the south.  Napoleon's French/Allied army on the left.  The Russian army of Czar Alexander I under the command of Marshal Kutuzov on the right.  Town of Borodino at top center.

The Great Redoubt with Sivers cavalry in support.

The Great Redoubt seen from the northeast.  The Russian Guard Cavalry is in deep support.  The grenadiers of the Russian guard are in lower foreground.

The Russian Guard

The Russian VIII corps under Borozdin occupies a position to the south of the redoubt called the "Fletches."  In actuality there were three field fortifications constructed on this hillock, made from logs and earth embankment. 

North of the redoubt are the Russian corps of Ostermann and Bagavout with Uvarov's light cavalry corps in support.

Uvarov's light cavalry behind the Russian right flank.

Tutchkov's III Corps on the Russian left flank holds the south end of the line around the village of Utitza 

 The Russian position on the Great Redoubt, the village of Gorki in the background.

Marshal Kutuzov (right) with Marshal Barclay de Tolly and staff.

The town of Borodino viewed from the north.

Borodino from the northeast.

The French main force masses against the Russian left (south) flank.

The French/Allied corps of Eugene north of the Kalatsha River covers the left (north) flank.

The French army corps of Marshal Davout (center) and Marshal Ney (upper right) prepared to lead the French assault on the Russian left.

The French Imperial Guard in reserve on the hill.  The Guard cavalry is in the rear.  General Junot's Westphalian corps is to the left of the Guard.  Napoleon and his staff are at lower center.

Junot's Corps and the Guard viewed from the northwest.

The infantry of Junot's Westphalian corps.

The Imperial Guard from the southwest, Junot's infantry at upper left.

The French main force veiwed from the west.

The French heavy cavalry corps massed in the plain to the south of the Guard.

The French heavy cavalry from the northwest.

The French heavy cavalry from the southwest.

French heavy cavalry - dragoons and horse artillery in the foreground, cuirassier at center rear and carabiniers to left rear.

The French main force from the southwest.

The French main force from the northwest.

Prince Poniatowski's Polish corps advances against Tutchkov and the village of Utitza on the French right.

Eugene's French/Allied corps viewed from the southwest beyond the village of Valuyeva.

 Emperor Napoleon and his staff.