Great Battles in Miniature

Battle of Crecy.  French knights charging piecemeal against Welsh longbowmen and dismounted English knights.

More French knights arriving on the field.  All would charge in successive waves against the distant English position.

The King of France looks on. 

The flower of French chivalry. 

The charge of the French knights. 

The second wave follows on. 

Approaching the English position.


The English position on the hill.  Archers interspersed with knights and men-at-arms.


The Welsh archers in the center of the English line.  King William III in the background. 

Grim English knights and men-at-arms await the French charge. 

Welsh archers holding the center of the English line.  King William III and his nobles in the background. 

The village of Crecy.

The battle seen across Crecy Castle.  There was no Crecy Castle, but everybody loves a castle.