Great Battles in Miniature

The armies of Antigonus and Eumenes face each other across an open plain. 

Antigonus's center.  An overwhelming phalanx behind eastern elephants with Indian archers supporting them and an Indian contingent on the flank. 

Antigonus's right flank.  A powerful force of Greek mercenaries anchored on the river and guarding the road.

Antigonus's center, seen from over Eumenes' line of elephants, supported by a phalanx and numerous Greek mercenary hoplites and light armed skirmishers. 

Eumenes' center.  A powerful force of elephants supported by a smaller phalanx and mercenaries with skirmishers in front. 

Eumenes' center from front left. 

Battle is joined by a clash of cavalry on Eumenes' right, Antigonus's left flank. 

The opposing forces of elephants clash in the center as Eumenes' heavily armed elephants move in from the left. 

Eumenes' skirmshers harass the right wing of Antigonus's elephants while archers and cavalry threaten the force holding securing the road. 

Heavy battle rages in the center 

Antigonus's right flank remains in place guarding the road. 

The panorama of battle. 

Antigonus's center breaks.  Elephants panic and route through his phalanx throwing it into disorder as Eumenes' corps of elephants advances into them. 

Panic ensues. 

Antigonus's army begins to crumble.