Great Battles in Miniature

The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April 6 - 7, 1862 in southwest Tennessee on the bank of the Tennessee River.  Union forces under General Grant were taken by surprise and driven back a great distance during the first day.  The Confederate forces under General A. S. Johnston (killed during battle) and General P. G. T. Beauregard advanced, overrunning Union positions until they were stopped by Union artillery positioned above a gully on the Union right flank and bordering the river. 

View of the battlefield looking north at about 12:00 noon on April 6.  The River is visible at the lower right of the photo.  At upper right is the Union position forming around a strong artillery arm preparing for the Confederate advance.  In the center is the Union position known as the "Hornet's Nest"which was cut off and surrendered during the afternoon.  To the far north of the line the Union position is loosely anchored by lower, swampy ground.

Looking north over the hornets nest.

Confederate troops closing on the hornets nest.

Looking east along the center of the Confederate advance.

The battlefield viewed from the western flank.

The view from behind the Confederate left (western) flank.

Confederate cavalry on the left of the line. 

View from behind the Union right (western) flank.

The Union right.

View from behind the Union right flank.

The Union center.  Looking southeast.

Confederate advance against the Union center.

The Union center viewed from the east.

Confederate center viewed from southeast.

The Confederate center viewed from southwest.

View from behind Confederate right.  Union forces in retreat and reforming at top of photo.  Confederate  cavalry at lower right.

Broken Union forces in retreat on left flank, approaching artillery position prepared on high ground overlooking a stream and gully.

Union artillery position above the gully on the left flank.

The assault on the hornets nest.

View from behind Confederate left flank.

View from behind the Confederate center.

The center of the battlefield.