Great Battles in Miniature

The Roman army approaches Spartacus's position in southern Italy. 

The Roman center legion. 

The elite Roman center legion advances with authority. 

The Roman left flank legion and auxiliaries 

The Roman right flank. 

The Roman army crosses the plain opposite Spartacus's defensive position.  

Roman encampment 

The Roman right approaching Spartacus's position from the base camp. 

The Roman left flank. 

Spartacus's army, positioned on a rocky hill. 

The Roman army advances preceded by a barrage of archery, ballista and catapult fire. 

Goaded into action, Spartacus's army rushes forward throwing itself against the discipline of the Roman legions. 

Melee ensues. 

A momentary breakthrough as Spartacus leads a charge into the gap between the legions.


Crixus makes momentary headway. 

The carnage of war. 

Ultimately, Roman discipline prevails and Spartacus's limited breakthroughs are sealed off.  The day belongs to Marcus Lucinius Crassus.