Great Battles in Miniature


Long before the age of man, long before Hobbits took the One Ring to Mount Doom, and an age before even King Isildur smote the ring from the hand of Sauron, the evil minions of that Dark Lord had sought to overthrow Middle Earth and bring evil and destruction.  In those early days the axis of evil included orcs, trolls, giants, wraiths, balrogs, dragons and an army of skeletons animated by the skeletal wizard king.  Freedom was upheld by a narrow thread hanging on the brave deeds of the High Elves, the Sea Elves, the Wood Elves, a contingent of dwarves, rangers, the fledgling Rohirrim cavalry, the Ents of the deep forest and powers of a veritable host of wizards and mages.

The skeletol army advances on the elven position.

Detail of the skeletol position.  The anti-priest stands at lower center.

Skeletol chariots race toward the Elven line.

The Skeletol witch king in his chariot accompanied by his retinue.

The Skeletol line is bolstered by a heavy war mammoth.

The onslaught of the skeletol Rhinos, ancient giants called forth from the earth carrying captured villagers in their rib cages.

The skeletol dragon takes the point and leads the assault.

The Cyclops eagerly awaits action.

The arrival of the Vampire King.

The Dead provide tension relief behind the lines while the Mummy Giant rocks and an ancient Pharaoh does "The Egyptian."

The panzer corps awaiting action.

A high wraith lord goes in with the charge accompanied by his balrogs.


Another wraith king and his pets.

More balrogs appearing from below the depths.

Skeletol artillery and heavy cavalry.

The Skeletols'grand battery.

The Storm Giant and the Bell of Doom

The Great Balrog.  The same as who would confront Gandalf in a later era.

Sauron's command post and an entourage of wraiths.

The Council of Elves and Men weighs what to do.  Treebeard states the case for resistance.

Refreshments are served and a young mage attempts to showcase her fiery powers in hopes of inclusion.

Treebeard commits the Ents to battle and makes the case for a stout defense.

The High Elves' heavy cavalry moves out to battle.

Ready for action, in support of the line.

A force to be reckoned with.  The Prince of the High Elves is in hischariot at lower right.

The Sea Elves hold the flank.

A dragon master assists the forces of light.

Light cavalry on the far end of the line.

A phalanx of pikes stands rock solid.

The Prince Imperial

Ready for battle.

The High Elves and Sea Elves await the onslaught

The forces of Darkness.  A storm giant crowns the hill.

The Elven army stands between the forces of Darkness and the Council Hill.

The Elven army.

Elven ballista defend the heights.

Pikemen at ready to protect the Council Hill.

The view from the hill that would later become Minas Tirith.  The star tree is in full bloom in that day.

The craggy hill on which the Men of Gondor would one day build.

Knights of the air.

The battle viewed from behind the skeletol army.

The attack of the Giants.

A mighty undead dragon rears up behind the Giants' attack.

The Giants, taking orders nor hindrance from man or monster, throw themselves against the Elven line.

There are definitely giants in the land.

The Elven line braces for the impact.

The clash is impending.

Elven cavalry and chariots intend to strike the unwary giants in the flank.

The Elven chariot corps.

The ancient Elven Griffon and his rider, Dritz, summoned to the great battle.

A moment of consideration as the Elven cavalry force is sighted.

Charged with holding the bridge.

An Elven wizard readies water elementals against the enemy.

The march of the trolls.


Trolls issuing forth from the forest.  Orcs taking position in front.

The march of the Trolls viewed from the heights of Mt. Doom.

Orcs and their winged beasts on the slopes of the mountain.

A gruesome force awaiting action.

Shelob ventures forth from her lair under the rocks.

The ride of the Nine.

The powers of Hell itself issue forth from he fiery mountain.

The armies of Mordor.

Stauch dwarves hold the center.

The mail clad dwarves force.

The dwarves' position at the base of the hill.

Wood elves taking position on the Dwarven flank.

Crack elven archers extend the river line past the inn.

Riders of Rohan moving up in support.

Ents prepared for action or ambush in the forest covered hill.

Ents pose as bare trees at the foot of the Council Hill.

At the far end of the line lay the Village of the Lake People. 

The Ranger camp

Trolls assaulting the village.

Elven heavy cavalry responds.

The Nightwing cavalry move out on the flank to hunt orc.

But the orcs have moved out in unexpected force.  All of Mordor is awakened.  A hoard of wolf riders bare down on the Elven cavalry.

Disgusting creatures, neither man nor beast.  Loathsome slime from the darkness.

The full wrath of Mordor is awakened.

But the Elven Guard cavalry is approaching through the village.

Prince Valerion himself takes the salute.

The very definition of valor.

The youngest of Valerion's brothers.  And his friends.

The cavalry are coming.